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Awards and Honors

In addition to providing highly valued products and services over the past 50 years, VALIC understands that high-quality, enjoyable educational materials are key for our clients. We are recognized in the industry for outstanding sales literature and educational communications.

High marks from 2009 MarCom Awards

The MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies and freelancers across all industries.  Our communications were recognized for both creative excellence and substance.

2009 VALIC K-12 Calendar
Honorable Mention

APPLAUSE Employee Newsletter

Participant Financial Education Articles - series

VALIC Brand Materials

Award-Winning Sales Communications

Many of the honors we have earned for literature and communications have come from the Insurance & Financial Communicators Association (IFCA, formerly known as Life Communicators Association). IFCA is an international organization dedicated to the ongoing professional development of its members in life insurance and related-financial services companies. VALIC is a long-standing member of IFCA and committed to promoting the exchange of experience and ideas among its members. The IFCA annual awards competition is an annual peer-judged competition of the communications arts.

Best of Show
Awards of Excellence
Honorable Mention
Award of Merit
Awards from Other Associations
Company Awards

Best of Show          Back to top
Customer Calendars sales initiative 2007
IncomEdge Training Materials 2005
Planning, Advice, Choice and Education brochure 2004
Field Advisory Board monthly newsletter 2004
BENCOR National Plan marketing materials 2002
College Investment Plan kit 2001
Seventh-day Adventist enrollment promotion kit 2000

Awards of Excellence          Back to top
“Did You Know?” Customer Calendar 2008
“Live Longer Retire Strongersm” Ad Campaign Kit 2008
”Now Boarding for Non-Stop Annuity Sales” sales promotion campaign 2008
Customer’s Select Choice Annuity product kit 2008
"We are the answer" print materials 2007
"Easy As" prospect/customer promotion 2007
Imagine Retirement Planning Calendar 2005
Seventh-day Adventist materials 2005
12-½ Tips retirement booklet series 2003
Essential Advisor 2002
Participant education brochures 2002

Honorable Mention          Back to top
“Don’t Let Time Melt Away” trade show booth 2008
“Live Longer Retire Stronger” trade journal campaign 2008
"Tropical Paradise" sales promotion campaign 2007
Postcard Campaign 2005
Seminar Planning Kit 2005
VALIC worksite posters 2002
Investment Digest client publication 2001
PESCO Plus general services brochure 2001
American General Financial Advisors broker/dealer launch materials 2001
Valued Partners client publication 2000
Employer-sponsored mutual fund retirement program — participant
brochure 2000

Award of Merit          Back to top
PACE Brochure 2005

Awards from Other Associations          Back to top
MFEA (Mutual Fund Education Alliance) Star Awards
Retirement Essentials newsletter – Award of Distinction 2008
Two awards: The 2003 Silver Axiem Award for Absolute Excellence in
Electronic Media, Sales category and A Certificate of Merit in the 35th
Annual Festival of Awards in Media Excellence (AIME) "The Choice
for Value, The Choice for Service" CD
Axiem awards are based on innovation, creativity, technical merit,
and overall quality of experience. Entries are judged not against
each other but against an absolute standard of excellence established
for each medium, market, and category — every entry that meets the
standard is judged a winner (Copper Axiem) or finalist (Silver Axiem).
The Certificate of Merit is conferred by Media Communications Assocation-
International. The competition is a "celebration of excellence in media
communications and international recognition for exemplary achievements."
APEX Award
12-½ Tips Retirement Series — Grand Award
Essential Advisor — Award of Excellence
American Marketing Association Crystal Award
Essential Advisor — Award of Excellence

Company Awards          Back to top
Corporate Citizens Award
Presented to VALIC on April 16, 2002, by the National Association
of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), this highly prestigious honor
is awarded for VALIC's dedicated support of the education
profession. The NAESP, founded in 1921 by a group of principals
who sought to promote their profession, is a worldwide organization
that has grown to become the most powerful voice of Pre-K through
Grade 8 principals.
Houston Independent School District (HISD) Galaxy Award
Presented to VALIC on January 31, 2002, this honor is awarded
annually by the HISD to recognize its five most dedicated business
partners for the success of its schools. VALIC, along with
American General, were selected from among the more than 600
businesses in Houston with HISD partnership programs.