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Benefits for Individuals

VALIC has been helping Americans plan, build and protect their financial resources for over 50 years. VALIC has the experience and the ability to address the planning needs of our clients throughout every stage of the financial lifecycle.

VALIC financial seminars and online tools are available to help you learn about a variety of financial topics. But you don't have to wait for a seminar.
Our financial advisors can help you plan your financial future. Three levels of personalized service are available, each supported by state-of-the-art financial modeling tools.
As you develop a plan for how to save and invest for your retirement, you may want to manage that plan yourself -- with expert advice along the way. Or you may want a financial professional to manage your retirement investments at every step. Either way, we can help, with programs designed to help you manage your retirement account assets, as well as your retail assets.
Our online account access means you always have convenient and secure access to information regarding your retirement plan and your account.
Give your financial plan a sound footing with personalized financial planning from a financial advisor. Our financial advisors combine their experience and knowledge with state-of-the-art financial modeling tools to help you plan and enjoy a secure retirement.