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Financial Planning Courses

Realizing the dream of financial independence starts with preparation today. These courses can help you get there!


Many people talk about financial independence; however, few are able to achieve it. Too few of us know enough to create and are disciplined enough to start and maintain a sound plan. Financial planning should always start with cash management.
The rising costs of sending children or grandchildren to college give the term "higher education expenses" a new meaning. Even with scholarships, financial aid and student loans, higher education expenses can result in current financial strain, with indebtedness extending beyond graduation. Planning early can help ease the financial burden.
Investing is a little like sailing. The stronger the wind, the faster you sail. In the stock market, the more volatile the stock fund, the higher the potential for growth and loss. A skilled sailor can navigate rough weather and perhaps even move faster toward a goal. However, a good sailor knows when to tack, and when to take the sails down and ride it out. A skilled investor is like a good sailor.
Retirement income consists of three traditional sources — Social Security, personal savings and employer-sponsored retirement plans. Understanding how these three sources work together and examining your retirement needs can help you determine if you have properly planned for your retirement. Be prepared so you will not have a retirement gap.
The past several years have seen tremendous changes in the federal tax code. These changes were designed to increase Americans' ability to save and invest for their futures. Are you taking full advantage of these new savings and investment opportunities?