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Economic surprises help wind down 2011   
January 2012 

Final revisions to Q3 U.S. GDP (final until we get annual revisions next July) showed a 1.8% annualized growth rate down from last month's estimate of 2.0%.

Assessing our expectations

> From a scenario perspective, the final GDP numbers come very close to our High Probability figure of 1.9%, though weaker than our baseline estimate of 2.4%.

> Final personal consumption came in weaker than our baseline given the latest downward revisions to medical services expenditures.

> The mix was volatile as usual outside of services, with durable goods exceeding our expectations while nondurables came in weaker.

> Residential investment also came in at a slight positive as compared to our slight negative figure.

> Business investment, which is where we differed with consensus, significantly came in even stronger than our 12.4% growth at 15.7%.

> Corporate profits after adjustments grew $41.6 billion, in line with our estimates.

> Net exports surprised us to the upside as exports came in slightly below our forecasts, while imports surprised us to the downside (we believe this will reverse in Q4).

> Inventory accumulations were, of course, the big surprise at minus $41.1 against our estimate of positive $33.2.

> Government also came in stronger than our forecast of -1.0% growth at -0.1%, almost all attributable to a stronger defense line-item than we anticipated.

> Inflation components came in line to slightly higher than our forecast.

Looking ahead

Heading into Q4 we believe momentum is stronger than consensus believes. Even though we lowered our 3.3% initial estimate down to 3.0% recently, it remains above consensus though forecasts are being revised upwards almost daily. MacroAdvisers at present is tracking growth closer to 3.8%. For Q1 2012 we are currently estimating 2.1%-2.4% given the impact of our Euro-zone recession forecast, while for 2012 we forecast growth to reach 2.5% (above the consensus of 2.1%). Our forecasts assume an extension of the payroll tax breaks as well as an extension of unemployment benefits. Downside risks to our domestic demand forecasts would/could materialize if Congress failed to act within the next month or so.


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