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Plan Details

Time may be your greatest ally in gaining the retirement advantage. Whether you're 25 or 55, retirement is closer than you think. That's why you should start planning, start saving, start investing and start now!

In this section, you will find details about key features of the State of Tennessee Optional Retirement Plan. Click on any of the options to the left to find out more!


This information is intended to provide a general introduction to some of the provisions applicable to participants in Tennessee's Optional Retirement Program. This information is subject to legislative change and judicial interpretation. It does not supersede nor restrict procedures or authority established under state statute. The provisions of the Optional Retirement Program and the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System are set forth in Chapters 34-37 of Title 8 of Tennessee Code Annotated. Participants in the Optional Retirement Program may be subject to additional conditions established by the annuity contract(s) they select.