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How to enroll in your Optional Retirement Plan

1. Complete the State of Florida ORP-16 Form prior to establishing your account with VALIC. Please contact your employer's HR department to determine if there is any additional paperwork required to enroll.

Click here to download the form.

2. Create an account with VALIC, using the Automated Enrollment Worksheet as your guide.

You can enroll one of three ways:

Enroll online,
by phone
or with your financial advisor.

To enroll online: Click on the appropriate location below to access our Simplified Online Enrollment System and follow the prompts.

Florida A&M University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Board of Regents
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida International University
Florida State University
New College of Florida
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of North Florida
University of South Florida
University of West Florida

Enroll by phone: Call 1-888-569-7055. Depending on your location, provide the Enrollment Specialist with the Access Code below.

Florida A&M University - 08667101 
Florida Atlantic University - 08667103
Florida Board of Regents - 08667123 
Florida Gulf Coast University - 08667127 
Florida International University - 08667105 
Florida State University - 08667106 
New College of Florida - 08667129 
University of Central Florida - 08667108 
University of Florida - 08667110 
University of North Florida - 08667113 
University of South Florida - 08667115 
University of West Florida - 08667117 

Enroll with your financial advisor: Contact your advisor for personalized enrollment assistance. Click here for a list of advisors.