Retirement Plan Investment Performance and Participant Fee Disclosure Information

New federal regulation requires that plan sponsors provide plan participants with fee disclosure information regarding fees and services associated with the Duke University Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan. This disclosure is intended to provide you important information to assist you in making informed decisions about the management of your Plan account and the investment of your retirement savings.

The Plans has four investment carriers: VALIC, Fidelity, Vanguard and TIAA. Each investment carrier offers a broad range of investment alternatives, intended to allow you to achieve a diversified portfolio. The fee disclosure information for each investment carrier includes the following:

  • An overview of retirement plan fees and why they are important for you to review
  • Fee information for available services in the Plan
  • Information on expense ratios for each investment option available in the Plan
Click on the link below to view the required annual participant fee disclosure:
An overview of retirement plan fees and why they are important for you to review Please review the information regarding fees and services carefully. You should reference this information as you make your investment decisions. In addition to fees and expenses, you should also consider a fund’s past performance, your personal risk tolerance, and the time frame until your retirement. For an update on the performance information, please see section "Plan Investments Comparison Charts" below or click on your preferred investment carrier link located under "Other Userful Links".

Plan Investments Comparison Charts

You can compare the products and investment options currently available under the Plans by Tier Groups, Asset Class or Investment Carrier. The performance information in these comparisons is refreshed on a quarterly basis.


In an effort to make it easier to navigate through the investment options currently offered through the Plans, Duke offers a tiered approach to investing.

  • Tier 1: Asset Allocation Funds - A Simplified Approach ebps-excel

    This tier includes two types of funds that offer a way to make a single choice for your retirement needs.

  • Tier 2: Core Funds - A "Best in Class" Approach ebps-excel
    These funds represent the primary asset classes (stocks, bonds, and short-term instruments) and have been chosen by the IAC based on their suitability for inclusion in a customized retirement portfolio. You can select from this group of "best-in-class" funds to build your own diversified portfolio.

  • Tier 3: Other Funds ebps-excel

    This tier includes other funds that will not be regularly monitored by the IAC, so you will be responsible for monitoring the holdings and performance of these funds to ensure they remain in line with your investment startegy.

Investment Carrier

Investments for each carrier are listed in the reports below.

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