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Change loan repayment method – Banking information

"Change loan repayment method" allows you to change the repayment method on an active loan currently repaid via coupon or payroll deduction to electronic loan payments from your bank. This method is generally called "Automated Clearing House" or ACH. Note: Updates to the loan repayment method will not change the scheduled payment amount or frequency established at the time the loan was set up. 

Note: If banking information is on file then you may select that account for your request. 

To change loan repayment method to ACH, select the account to update.

  • Under banking information, update the following:
    • Account type : Select savings or checking from the drop-down menu.
    • ABA routing number : Enter your bank ABA routing number.
    • Account number and Verify account number : Enter and reconfirm your bank account number.
Change loan repayment method
Change loan repayment method