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Custom Portfolio/On Demand Statement

Custom Portfolio Snapshot  

What is Custom Portfolio Snapshot? 
The Custom Portfolio Snapshot allows you to create a custom statement for an account and quarterly date combination of your choice.                 

What information is contained in the Custom Portfolio Snapshot?
The Custom Portfolio Snapshot consists of three sections.

  • Activity at a Glance -  summarizes information across all included accounts for the specified period. 
  • Portfolio Progress – provides a graph illustrating the beginning and ending balances during the specified period.
  • Portfolio Snapshot Details – provides specific details at the account level during the specified range.  The information contained within Portfolio Snapshot Details is also downloadable for use in programs like Microsoft Excel.

Will the Custom Portfolio Snapshot match the quarterly statement? 
Yes, provided the same accounts are selected and the date ranges are the same.  If different ranges are selected, the information will be adjusted accordingly.  

How do I access the Custom Portfolio Snapshot? 
Custom Portfolio Snapshots are accessible from the Statement’s page within online account access, directly under the quarterly or annual statement link. 

How difficult is it to create a Custom Portfolio Snapshot? 
It’s easy!  After clicking the link, simply select the date range and the accounts you would like to view.  Click “Continue” and the snapshot will be displayed.  

I received an error:  “Portfolio Snapshot is currently not available for the selected account(s) and period dates.”  What does this mean? 
One or more of the selected accounts were not open for the duration of the specified date range.  Please select a different date range in order to view the Portfolio Snapshot.