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Partnership Essentials: Special Edition

Introducing SponsorFITSM

A powerful new technology to make plan sponsors’ lives easier

At VALIC, we recognize how busy plan sponsors are with the demands on their time every day. That’s why we are launching SponsorFIT — the new plan sponsor website.

SponsorFIT is designed to make it easier to manage any plan—a simple, powerful digital experience that’s clean, concise and meets your clients where they are. In the office, on a smartphone or tablet; any time, any place.

The new VALIC plan sponsor website completes our digital transformation and represents our ongoing commitment to providing plan sponsors with the tools they need.

SponsorFIT transforms how VALIC plan sponsors access and interact with their retirement plans, the same way we transformed the participant experience with our award-winning FutureFIT participant website.

With the new SponsorFIT site, plan sponsors will be able to:

  • Manage their retirement plan with greater ease
  • View current data and spot trends
  • Tailor strategies and help improve outcomes for their organization

The first time VALIC clients experience SponsorFIT, they will see:

  • A personal dashboard makes plan information easy to access.
  • Flexibility that allows each sponsor to decide what works best for him or her—from how they access the site to which reports they run and when.
  • Data-based insights enable each plan sponsor to better manage their plan(s) with us.
  • A new Insights to Outcomes section features content on important topics, empowering plan sponsors to drive outcomes for employees.

We are proud to offer our plan sponsors the power of SponsorFIT, designed around their needs, to help them do the most for their employees.

Robert Haverstrom, VP Consultant Experience Signature

Announcing the Alliance for Lifetime Income

VALIC is proud to announce that our parent company, American International Group, Inc. (AIG), is a founding member of the Board of Directors for the new Alliance for Lifetime Income. The Alliance brings together 24 of the nation’s leading financial services organizations with the shared purpose of helping Americans address the risk of outliving their income, and educating them on the power of having protected lifetime income for at least a part of their retirement portfolio.

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