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Prospecting and sales resource guide

Thought Leadership 

VC 28591

Value of the Advisor Whitepaper

Proprietary study sheds light on the value of advisors and furnishes actionable findings to help retirement plan sponsors and consultants understand how to best partner with a financial advisors available through their plan providers

VC 28435

Cyber Security Whitepaper

Examines the human side of cyber security and ways employers can manage cyber risk for their employees.

VC 29361

Elder Financial Abuse Whitepaper 

Discusses the leading-edge approach VALIC/AIG takes to protect and prevent elder financial abuse

VC 29423

Elder Financial Abuse Flier

Describes top 10 signs of elder financial exploitation


VC 27961

VALIC K-12 Public School (New Business) Prospecting Brochure

VALIC services including Retirement Manager®, our industry-leading, vendor-neutral compliance solution for multi-vendor plans.

VC 27962

VALIC K-12 Private School (New Business) Prospecting Brochure

VALIC services including Retirement Manager®, our industry-leading, vendor-neutral compliance solution for multi-vendor plans.

VC 27965

VALIC Higher Education (New Business) Prospecting Brochure

VALIC services including Retirement Manager®, our industry-leading, vendor-neutral compliance solution for multi-vendor plans.

VC 27966

VALIC Government (New Business) Prospecting Brochure

A comprehensive description of services we offer to plan sponsors and participants.

VC 29151

Client Testimonial Brochure  

Includes quotes from plan sponsors across all channels to highlight our services.

VC 26056

VALIC Healthcare (New Business) Prospecting Brochure

A comprehensive description of services we offer to plan sponsors and participants.

VC 28920


General overview of VALIC, non-market specific.

VC 27628

FutureFIT Brochure

Explains VALIC’s retirement readiness concept, “FutureFIT: Freedom. Individually tailored.” and our online participant experience.

VC 28476

Guided Target Models Brochure

Explains VALIC’s new custom target date options using pre-existing in-plan funds for increased flexibility; Highlights Guided Target Models to become QDIA; describes how Guided Target Models can be used as QDIA.


SponsorFIT Brochure

Online experience to help manage retirement plans and improve outcomes.

Sales Literature

VC 26070

VALIC Financial 360 Sales Flier

Explains Financial 360 Plan process and the importance of a financial plan.

VC 26060

VALIC Capabilities “Why Choose VALIC” Sales Flier

Diagrams the VALIC Four Ps -- People, Process, Partnership and Promise

VC 26066

VALIC Participant Communication Sales Flier

Focuses on solutions to employees’ financial concerns, using custom communications-driven education plans and advisor access

VC 28438

Cyber Security Flier

Provides ideas to help employers empower their employees to protect themselves against cyber threats and how to integrate best practices into their organization.

VC 26638

VALIC GPS Sales Flier

Explains Guided Portfolio Services®

VC 22692

Communications Awards Flier

Showcases VALIC Communications awards from 2017-2018.

VC 26604

5 Reasons You Need to Review Your 403(b) - IC Flier

Guidance questions regarding 403(b) plans

VC 26472

5 Reasons You Need to Review Your 457 - IC Flier

Guidance questions regarding 457 plans

VC 29199

Blue Shoes Ad

Poses question seen in this year’s sales messaging. Ad can be used in industry publications, conference magazines, etc.

VC 28587

FutureFIT Academy

Explains our financial literacy program, in partnership with EverFI, to provide grade school students an in-person learning experience to help make financial education a prominent part of their curriculum.

VC 26058

VALIC Fee Leveling/Equalization (Single-Page)

Highlights the VALIC approach to fee equalization and ensuring transparency

VC 28588

FutureFIT University

Explains our partnership with EverFI and digital financial learning experience available for plan participants and their families.

VC 29001

Four “Ps” Advertisement

For use in industry publications, conference magazines, etc.

VC 21129

HealthSecure HRA Executive Premium

Explains special HRA programs for senior leadership

VC 26904

VALIC Fees Comparison

Examines price versus value: assesses fee/cost against service

VC 28469

Participant experience playbook

Contains links to flyers, emails, posters, videos and articles arranged by purpose. (e.g., Enrollment, Increased Contributions). For plan sponsor use only. 

Employee Engagement Guidebook

Holistically shows VALIC’s consultative approach to employee engagement with clickable links and pop-ups of materials. Should be used as either an in-person walk-through/webinar or included in RFP. Not recommended for sending without a level of guidance and controlled distribution.

VC 29063

FutureFIT Circles FAQ

A new way of talking about money, FutureFIT Circles offers plan sponsors a unique employee engagement experience to help get conversations about finances started among their employee populations. This FAQ answers some potential questions plan sponsors or consultants may have about the program.

VC 29296

General Prospecting Letter

Indicates the impact financial advisors and financial planning can have on improving employee retirement readiness. Use as a lead generator with cold clients.

VC 28583

Guided Target Models Flier

One-pager outlining highlights of using Guided Target Models as chosen target date.

Case studies

Intake Form and Story Guide

When partnering with plan sponsors and consultants, we are always looking for great stories that will help position us in the market place and give us an edge over the competition. When onboarding new clients or learning of great opportunities that showcase our differentiators, please send in the Intake Form to help us capture and capitalize on these successes. We have also included a Story Guide to help you determine if it is a story worth telling.

New Plan Implementation

VC 23542

Miami Jewish Health Systems


Conversion from non-ERISA plan to ERISA 403(b)

VC 29296

The Salvation Army Southern Territory

Religious, Church & Charitable

Single provider consolidation, robust communications program during implementation

Vendor Consolidation/ Legacy Transfer

VC 27118

Drury University

Higher Education

EE-directed assets to new provider, focus on face-to-face service

VC 23221

Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis


Single provider consolidation success

VC 26215

Barstow School District


Smooth transition from long-time provider

VC 27117

College of Idaho

Higher Education

Single provider consolidation and improved fund lineup

VC 28391

Oregon Episcopal School


Easing the client through a complex consolidation

VC 29157

MICDS Case Study

Legacy transition resulting in 100% employee enrollment at conclusion of implementation.

Merger and Acquisitions

VC 27689

Cone Health


Plan merger and extensive communications program, implementation website

Improved Participant Outcomes

VC 27886

Ellis Medicine


New plan implementation

VC 27116

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium


Improved plan participation, personal service and education

Advisor Impact

Employee Engagement and Education 

VC 28890

Impact of CE Plans

Explains the measurable results seen at a strategic, exclusive healthcare provider when an active advisor team is paired with a robust communication and education plan.

Plan Design Improvement

Case Studies Coming Soon

Partnership/ Community Outreach

Case Studies Coming Soon


To share the videos below, simply right-click on the desired video link and select “Copy Shortcut” or “Copy Link,” and paste the link into your communication. Convert the link to a shorter hyperlink if necessary.

An Introduction to SponsorFIT (Scott Witter – for prospects) An Introduction to SponsorFIT (Scott Witter – for existing groups) FutureFIT University – In Course (for participants) Introducing FutureFIT (for all plan sponsor audiences)
An Introduction to VALIC (for prospects) SponsorFIT Website Overview (for existing groups) FutureFIT University – Promo (for participants)  
    Retirement Pathfinder (for participants)