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Teachers Appreciation Week

For the love of teaching

Recognizing educators who go above and beyond

National Teacher Appreciation Week

Making a difference

Educators do more than just teach. They open minds to new ideas, nurture creativity and help shape the future. They wear many hats by taking on the role of a parent, friend or advisor while also watching for signs of problems outside the classroom and bullying. In fact, a Pew Research survey found that teachers are second only to military personnel as contributing the most to society’s well-being.1

Hard work and dedication

Being a teacher is hard. A study from the University of Pennsylvania found that 33% of teachers don’t make it through the first three years of their career, while 46% leave within the first five years.2 With long hours, low pay and high stress, it’s easy to see why so many teachers choose a different path. It also speaks volumes to those who continue their careers in education.

A round of applause

Most people won’t remember the classes they took or the assignments they handed in over the years, but they will always remember the teachers who inspired them. Join VALIC in showing appreciation to teachers everywhere! Consider for a moment how education has enriched your life – landing a job or career, enjoying a good book or simply being able to write a “thank you” note – and thank those teachers who helped make it possible.

Bottom line, no teacher goes in to the profession for fortune and fame. They do it, simply, for the love of teaching.

“Teachers are our greatest public servants; they spend their lives educating our young people and shaping our Nation for tomorrow.” – Solomon Ortiz.

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