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Teacher /tee-cher/

n. One who has a big heart and shapes minds; invaluable contributor to our future.

National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7 - 11

Great educators happen when a passion and a career come together. To the millions of teachers, administrators and support staff across America*, we thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

All in a day’s work

Many teachers start their day early, arriving to their classrooms well before the first bell rings, and staying long after the final bell. That extra time is spent tending to their classrooms, developing lesson plans, grading papers or attending meetings. Leaving the classroom doesn’t always mean the job is over. Teachers are on the clock all year long. Even summer breaks are spent preparing for the next year, brushing up on their skills by attending conferences and seminars or even teaching summer school. Not many people are cut out for that kind of career commitment.

Beyond the classroom

If teaching is your passion, then helping students learn and grow can be an amazing feeling. It must be rewarding to share your love of a subject and see a student’s face light up when they grasp the concept. It must also be comforting to work with others who value education as much as you do. Being able to share ideas and advice with a like-minded support network helps create an environment of growth. The care of detail in what you do does not go unnoticed.

Caring for the future

None of us would be where we are today without the help of teachers. It’s a career that will continue to inspire future generations. That’s an amazing responsibility, especially in today’s society. Despite dwindling budgets, teachers will continue to use money from their own pockets to ensure their students get the best out of their education.

Join VALIC in showing appreciation to teachers everywhere!

Thank you poem for teachers